Postcards of Cullercoats
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Postcard Cullercoats Beverley Terrace

Photograph Cullercoats Beverley Terrace
Postcard of Beverley Terrace and gardens, published by Valentine's. Date approximately 1950's.  The card shows two beacons used to guide boats into Cullercoats harbour.

Photograph from similar position taken in February 2008. 
Postcard Cullercoats Lifeboat Station

Photograph Cullercoats Lifeboat Station
Postcard of Cullercoats lifeboat station and the lifeboat and crew.  Published in the "GEM" series and postmarked July 1907.

Photograph from a similar location, taken December 2007.  The building on the left is the Dove Marine Laboratory, built in 1908.
Postcard Cullercoats Bay  south side

Photoigraph Cullercoats Bay south
Postcard showing the sands and south side of the bay at Cullecoats.  Published by Valentines, but date unknown.  

Photograph taken June 2008 from a similar location.  The building in the centre of the postcard no longer exists but there are signs of it's foundations.
Postcard Mariners Rest Cullercoats

Photograph Mariners Rest Cullercoats
Postcard of the "Mariner's Rest", Cullercoats.  Published in the M ? L series but date unknown.

Photograph from a similar location, taken January 2009.  The building is now known locally as the Watch House.
Postcard Cullercoats from Cliffs

Photograph Cullercoats from Cliffs
Postcard of Cullercoats from the cliffs.  Published by J Salmon Ltd., date unknown.  Aftter 1908 as the Dove Laboratory is visible.

Photograph from a similar location, taken June 2008.
Postcard The Bay Cullercoats Photograph The Bay Cullercoats
Postcard of the Bay, Cullercoats, from the North.  Published by R Johnson & Sons, Newcastle.  Date unknown. Photograph from a similar location, taken in February 2008.
Postcard Cullercoats Bank Top Photograph Cullercoats Bank Top
Postcard showing Bank Top, Cullercoats.  Publisher unknown, date 1940's or 1950's ?
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