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Postcard Harrogate War Memorial and St Peter's Church

Photograph War Memorial and St Peter's Church
Postcard of Harrogate War Memorial and St. Peter's Church.  Published by Valentine's.  Unposted, exact date unknown.  From cars, looks like 1930's or 1940's.

Photograph from same viewpont taken in May 2008.  The modern looking building to the left of the church on the postcard, is the ABC Cinema, which was demolished around 1983.
Postcard Prospect Square Harrogate

Photograph Prospect Square Harrogate
Another Valentine's card from a similar viewpoint as the one first one.  This one postmarked 1963.  Probably not a colour photograph but a "colorized" black and white image.

A colour version of the photograph taken in May 2008, for comparison.
Postcard Old Sulphur Well Harrogate Photograph Old Sulphur Well
Postcard of the Old Sulphur Well. Published in the Excel series and postmarked September 29th., 1946. Photograph from a similar viewpoint taken in May 2008.  Unfortunately most of the view now hidden by trees.
Postcard Old Sulphur Well Photograph Old Sulphur Well
Another card of the Old Sulphur Well.  This one published in the Valentine's XL  "real photo" series.  This one is postmarked 1961 but looks much older (1920's or 1930's).   Photograph taken May 2008.
Postcard Old Sulphur Well Harrogate Photograph of Old Sulphur Well Harrogate
Older postcard of the Sulphur Well, postmarked 1912, publisher unknown.  Shows the earlier entrance building. A colour version of the photograph taken in May 2008 for comparison.
Postcard Royal Pump Room Photograph Royal Pump Rooms
Possibly the oldest Postcard of the Sulphur Well, now described as the Royal Pump Room.  Postmarked 1906 and published by the "Philco" publishing co.  Possibly based on a photograph but the figures appear to have been added. The building now houses the Harrogate Pump Room Museum.  Some images of the building without corresponding postcards follow.
Royal Pump Room Plaque Royal Pump Room Plaque Interior
Plaque on the pump room exterior Plaque inside the museum
Pump Room Exterior Museum Sulphur Well
View of the Pump Room
The sulphur well
Postcard of Pump Rooms from Valley Gardens Photograph of Pump Room from Valley Gardens
Postcard of the Pump Room viewed from Valley Gardens.  Published by Salmon and postmarked 1945. Photograph taken in May 2008.  Not a great deal appears to have changed.
Postcard Old Sulphur Well from Valley Park Photograp Pump Room from Valley Gardens
Another postcard of the Pump Room from Valley Gardens, published by Hartmann.  Unposted and date unknown but looks early 1900's. Judging from the buildings in the background, this photograph is from the same viewpoint but if so, the entrance to the gardens appears to have changed.
Postcard Valley Gardens Photograph Valley Gardens
Postcard published by Raphael Tuck & Sons, postmarked 1960. Photograph from the same viewpoint taken May 2008.  Trees in the foreground are the same but the tearooms are now hidden by other trees in  the background.
Postcard Valley Gardens Sun Walk Photograph Valley Gardens Sun Walk
Postcard published by Valentine's, postmarked August 1955. Possibly not quite the same viewpoint in May 2008.
Postcard Parliament Street and Kursaal Photograph Parliament Street & Kursaal
Postcard published by Frith's, postmarked October 1912. Photograph from similar viewpoint in May 2008.   The same viewpoint would have meant standing in the middle of a very busy road.
Postcard Royal Baths Harrogate Photograph Royal Baths Harrogate
Postcard published by C Richter and postmarked July 1958. Photograph from similar viewpoint taken May 2008.

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