Postcards of Hartlepool
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Postcard St Hilda's Church Hartlepool

Photo St Hilda's Church 2010
A postcard of St Hilda's Church, in the Heortha series, date unknown.
St. Hilda's is the parish church of the Headland, the oldest part of

A photograph taken from a similar viewpoint in September 2010.  St. Hilda's Church was built  in the late 12th Century and is open to visitors certain days.  St. Hilda's website
PC Croft Park & St HIlda's Church

Photo Croft Park & St Hilda's 2010
A postcard of St Hilda's Church, viewed from Croft Gardens.  Published in the M & L National series, and postmarked August 28th., 1953.

Photograph from a similar viewpoint, taken in September 2010.  Croft gardens were built in 1949, and are named afte The Croft, a crowded area of houses, separated by narrow streets,  which was demolished in 1938.

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