Postcards of Morpeth
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Postcard of the Court House Morpeth

Photograph Court House Morpeth 2009
A postcard published by F. Frith & Co., Reigate, of the Court House, viewed from Carlisle Park.  Date unknown.

A photograph from a similar viewpoint, taken in November 2009.    The Court House was designed by John Dobson and built in 1820-28.  It is now used as an apartment block and fitness centre.  
Postcard Morpeth Castle

Photograph of Morpeth Castle 1109
A postcard of  Morpeth Castle gatehouse, published by Hartmann.  Date unknown . The castle was built in 1300, by Lord Greystoke, with the intention of being used as a courthouse.  

A photograph of the castle from a similar viewpoint, take November 2009. The gatehouse is now owned by The Landmark Trust and is available to let for holidays.  
Postcard Entrance to Parish Church Morpeth

Photograph Entrance to Parish Church 1109
Postcard of the entrance to Morpeth parish church (St. Mary the Virgin). Published in the Lewis Series.  Postmarked August 1916.  The message on the card makes reference to the fact that the suffragette who was killed by the King's horse (Emily Wilding Davison), in the 1913 Derby is buried in this churchyard.

A photograph taken from a similar viewpoint in November 2009.  Unfortunately obtaining the correct viewpoint would involve standing in a very busy road.  Either the current road is much higher or the path to the lychgate is lower now.
Postcard St Mary's Church Morpeth

Photograph of St Mary's Church Morpeth
A postcard showing St. Mary's Church from the West.  Published by Photocrom Co. Ltd.  Date unknown

A photograph taken from a similar viewpoint in November 2009.  Unfortunately a thick area of trees prevents a photograph being taken from the same viewpoint.   More information about St. Mary's Church.
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