Postcards of
Newcastle upon Tyne
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St Nicolas Cathedral from Castle

Cathedral from Castle - 2007
Postcard of St Nicolas's Cathedral  and view up St Nicolas's Street, from the castle keep.  Valentines real photograph postcard - date unknown.

The same scene in July 2007.  
Postcard Old Castle and Black Gate

Old Castle and Black Gate - 2007
Postcard of the Old Castle (background) and Black Gate (foreground).  Date and publisher unknown but bears the enscriptin "PRINTED IN SAXONY".

From the same viewpoint in July 2007.
Postcard Grey Street Newcastle

Grey Street 2007
Postcard showing Grey Street, with Greys Monument in the background and the portico of  The Theatre Royal to the  right.   Exact date and publisher unknown.

Photograph taken in 2007 from approximately the same viewpoint.
Postcard Stephenson Monument

Stephenson Monument 2007
Postcard showing the Stephenson Monument approx. 1900 (posted 1905). St John's Church is visible behind the monument.

Photograph from a similar position in 2007.  
Postcard Newcastle from Grey's Monument

Photograph Newcastle from Grey's Monument March 2010
Postcard showing Newcastle and Gatehead from the observation platform on Greys Monument.  Published in the Mason's Alpha series.  Date unknown but from cars on  Grey Street, could be 1950's.

Photograph from the same location. taken March 2010.  It is possible to arrange a visit to the monument via the Newcastle tourist informatin office, but there is a considerable waiting list.
Postcard Collingwood Street 1904
Photograph Collingwood Street  2012
Postcard of Collingwood Street, Newcastle, postmarked June 24th., 1904.
The main building in the centre was Barclay's Bank, and the building under construction on the right is the Sun Alliance Insurance building, which indeed opened in 1904.
A photograph from a similar position, taken in January 2012.
Along with many old buildings in Newcastle, the old Barclay's Bank building is now a nightclub.
Postcard Collingwood Street 1906 Photograph Collingwood Street 2012
Another postcard of Collingwood street, this time postmarked Sept. 9th, 1906.  This time the Sun Alliance building is complete. A photograph taken from a similar location in Janury 2012.
Postcard Stephenson Mon 1904 Photo Stepenson Mon 2012
A postcard with a view of the Stephenson Monument from a different direction to the one earlier on this page.  This one shows the old offices of the Newcastle Chronicle and the premises of Emley & Sons, monumental sculptors and marble masons, which was active in Newcastle between 1890 and 1920.  Postmarked March 22nd., 1904, the card was published in the Newcastle Chronicle series. A photograph taken from a similar viewpoint in January 2012.
The three buildings behind the monument were demolished, presumably to make way for the notorious Westgate House, which was built in the 1960's and which itself  has now been demolished.

Postcard Quayside & Four Bridges Newastle Photo Quayside & Four Bridges 2012
A postcard of the Quayside at Newcastle, including four bridges over the Tyne.  Posted in January 1962 and published by E.T.W. Dennis & Sons, London & Scarborough A photograph taken from a similar position in January 2012.
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