Postcards of Scarborough (2)
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Postcard Scarborough from Oliver's Mount

Scarborough from Oliver's Mount 210709
A postcard of the view from Oliver's Mount, Scarborough.  Published by Valentine's .  Exact date unknown, approximately 1950's? Photograph from approximately the same location taken 21/7/09. A rainy day, so the view isn't as clear.
Postcard The Bandstand Scarborough Spa The Bandstand Scarborough Spa 210709
Postcard of the Spa Bandstand. Unknown publisher. Postmarked August 18th., 1930. Photograph from a similar location taken 21/7/09.
Postcard Scarborough Spa Promenade Scarborough Spa Promenade 210709
A postcard of the Spa Promenade taken somewhat earlier, probably early 1900's, exact date unknown.  Published in the Queen Series by T T & S, Scarborough. Photograph from a similar location taken 21/7/09.  
Postcard Scarborough Spa Entrance

Scarborough Spa Entrance 210709
Postcard of the Spa Entrance.  Postmarked July 16th., 1907.  Published in the Queen Series, by T.T. & S., Scarborough.  The short message on this card reads:  "Kathleen wants to know where Grannie Gibb is - off out.  Yours Frank."   The equivalent of a text message today.  Was Grannie Gibb ever found? Photograph from a similar viewpoint taken 21/7/09. A lower viewpoint as the viewpoint of the postcard was probably from the Grand Hotel.  The entrance is clearly less ornate than in Edwardian times.
Postcard Valley Park Scarborough Scarborough Valley Park 210709
Postcard of Valley Park.  Published by S. Hildesheimer & Co.  Postmarked August 12th., 1905.   The bridge shown in the card was the original toll bridge, opened July 1st., 1865 but replaced by the current wider bridge which was opened July 26th., 1928.  A toll is no longer paid to cross the bridge. A photograph from a similar viewpoint taken 21/7/09.  Surprisingly, despite the major road which now runs through the valley, this area seems largely untouched.  Even the duck house in the lake and the tree on it,  appear to be still there.
Postcard South Bay Swimming Pool Scarborough South  Bay Swimming Pool Location 210709
Postcard showing the south bay swimming pool.   Published in the Salmon Series and postmarked July 30th., 1952. A photograph taken from a similar viewpoint 21/7/09.  Unfortunately the large swimming pool seems to have been filled in after the photograph in the postcard was taken.  
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