Postcards of Shotley Bridge
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The "Hally Well" spring at Shotley Bridge was converted into a Spa Well by a Mr Richardson, in 1837.  Apparently it briefly became very popular and was even visited by Charles Dickens.
 Several postcards of the Spa exist from the early 20th century, 4 of which are depicted here.  The location of the spa is currently the site of Shotley Bridge Cricket Club.

Postcard Entrance to Shotley Spa

Photograph Entrance to Shotley Spa 2008
Postcard showing the entrance to Shotley Spa grounds.  Published by Ruddock Ltd. and postmarked July 13th. 1905.  The Spa buildings are visible but not the thatched shelter over the well.

Photograph from the same location taken in October 2008.  The walls on the left and right appear to be those on the postcard but the gateposts no longer exist.  The building to the left is the Club House.
Postcard Shotley Bridge Spa

Photograph Shotley Spa Building and Well
A postcard of the Spa buildings and the thatched shelter.  Published in the "Auty Series" but not posted.

Photograph taken in October 2008 taken from a similar viewpoint.  The building to the left is largely hidden by trees.  The remains of the well are on the right.
Postcard Spa Grounds

Photograph Spa Grounds
Another card published by Ruddock Ltd. and possibly postmarked March 1905.   The sender, named Bella, comments "I was at this place and had a drink of spa water - it was like poison" .    Apparently one of the problems with the spa water was the taste, due to the high iron content.

Photograph from similar viewpoint taken in October 2008.    Probably not exactly the same location as it was difficult to locate due to the building being hidden behind trees.  The River Derwent is to the left but again hidden by trees.
Postcard Spa Well Shotley Bridge

Another postcard showing the thatched cover to the spa well.  Published by Shurey's Publications but not posted.  However, if this is the same well as depicted in the other postcard, it appears to be in the wrong place, with the river to the left.  The well in the other postcard is nowhere near the river.

Unfortunately no corresponding photograph as it is difficult to find the location.  

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