Postcards of Whitley Bay (2)
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Postcard The Promenade Whitley Bay Photograph The Promenade Whitley Bay 100309
Real Photograph postcard of The Promenade, published by R Johnstone, Newcastle.  No postmark, so exact date unknown, although to judge from the clothes, probably 1950's Photograph from a similar viewpoint taken in March 2009.  The council has recently destroyed the original steps at the left in order to build a skateboard park.  The buildings (toilets?) beyond that were demolished some time ago.
Some detail from the above postcard Some detail from the Promenade postcard
Real photograph postcards often reveal interesting detail when enlarged.  Here is some detail from the above postcard.  Those were the days! More detail.
Photograph The Promenade 111207 Photograph of the Promenade 150408
A photograph of the promenade before ths start of the building work on the skateboard park. Taken  11/12/07 Photograph of the Promenade during the building work, taken 15/04/08
Postcard The Front Whitley Bay Photograph of The Front 100309
Early postcard, published in the Taylor's "Reality" series, showing "The Front", Whitley Bay.  This area, now known as the Southern Promenade has changed considerably over the years. A photograph, taken in March 2009, from a similar viewpoint.  The area was significantly modified in the 1930's, with the construction of a substantial sea wall and a children's paddling pool.
Postcard Victoria Gardens Whitley Bay Photograph Victoria Gardens 200808
Another postcard, in the "Forth" series, published by W.H.S. & S.,N. and postmarked 1913.  It is clearly a colorised version of the presumably earlier Taylor's card.  However, here the location is described as "Victoria Gardens". A photograph from a similar viewpoint, taken in August 2008.
Postcard Childrens Paddling Pool & Promenade Photograph Childerens Paddling Pool 100309
Another postcard in the "Forth" series, published by W.H.S. & S.- N. but showing the area after the work done in the 1930's.  It's not clear what the large ramp is at the far end of the promenade. A photograph from a similar viewpoint taken in March 2009.  A smaller version of the ramp and the pool still exist today but none of the building remain.
Postcard Childrens Paddling Pool Photograph Childrens Paddling Pool 250308
A postcard posted after 1936, published by Valentine's.  The ramp no longer seems to be there. Photograph taken March 2008.
PC Lower Promenade and Paddling Pool Photograph Lower Promenade and Paddling Pool 250308
Another Valentine's card, this time posted after 1941.  Building similar to the previous card. Photograph taken March 2008.
Postcard Paddling Pool & Promenade Photograph Paddling Pool & Promenade 310308
Postcard published by Bamforth & Co. Ltd.  Postmarked August 1957. This time viewed from the South.  The shelters in the foreground seem to have been built after the war. Photograph taken from a similar viewpoint in March 2008.
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